Google Maps Now Shows Realtime EV Charging Data

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Google Maps is making it even easier for owners of electric vehicles to find a charging station. This is because Google Maps will now display the availability of charging ports in the US and UK, with realtime data helping you to avoid an unnecessary diversion.

Google Maps Locates EV Charging Stations

In October 2018, Google Maps started showing the locations of EV charging stations in various countries around the world. And with the number of electric vehicles on the road increasing, this information is crucial for anyone keen to not run out of power.

Unfortunately, Google Maps was previously only providing static information, meaning you didn’t know until you arrived whether there were any free ports. However, now, Google Maps is adding realtime data, allowing you to see up-to-date information at all times.

Google Maps Adds Realtime EV Charging Data

In order to start seeing realtime data for EV charging stations, first, update Google Maps. Then, search for “EV charging stations” and you’ll see what’s available in the local area. You’ll also see the business the station is attached to, port types, and charging speeds.

According to The Keyword, this realtime data is currently only available in the US and the UK, and covers Chargemaster, EVgo, and SemaConnect. However, Google is promising to add data for Chargepoint, and will hopefully expand this feature to other countries too.

Google Maps Helps EV Owners Keep Driving

At the very least this will save you having to wait in line for a free charging port. And it could even save you from running out of power entirely. Which is a fear that’s surely preventing many would-be EV owners from finally switching to an electric vehicle.

If you have previously considered buying an electric vehicle, perhaps Google Maps’ inclusion of realtime data will help you make your mind up. But if you already own one, here are the must-have smartphone apps for EV owners.

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