Microsoft Wants to Stop Windows 10 Updates Annoying You

by / Saturday, 28 July 2018 / Published in Latest News

Microsoft is finally doing something about the way Windows 10 handles updates. And it’s using machine learning to accomplish the task. If it’s successful, updating Windows 10 should, in the future, become much less annoying.

Windows 10 can be a little aggressive when installing updates. Unless you know how to manage Windows 10 updates, they’ll come thick and fast, and start installing when you least expect it. Possibly rebooting your PC at an inopportune moment.

A New Way of Updating Windows 10

Microsoft has a plan up its sleeve to prevent this from happening. And it’s being tested right now by Windows 10 Insiders. The key is artificial intelligence which Microsoft hopes will be able to accurately predict when the time is right to install updates.

This predictive model is being tested right now in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17723 (RS5) and Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18204 (19H1). Which should, all being well, reach ordinary Windows 10 users later this year and in early 2019, respectively.

In a blog post outlining what’s new in RS5 and 19H1, Windows Insider chief Dona Sarkar asks, “Have you ever had to stop what you were doing, or wait for your computer to boot up because the device updated at the wrong time?” To which everyone replied, “Yes”.

Microsoft has listened to this feedback, so, “if you have an update pending we’ve updated our reboot logic to use a new system that is more adaptive and proactive. We trained a predictive model that can accurately predict when the right time to restart the device is.”

This means that Microsoft will “not only check if you are currently using your device before we restart, but we will also try to predict if you had just left the device to grab a cup of coffee and return shortly after.” Or at least that’s the plan.

Reserving Judgement During Testing

The proof, as the saying goes, is in the pudding. So we will reserve judgement on this new way of handling Windows 10 updates until we see it working in the wild. However, it’s fair to say that questions remain about exactly how well it will work.

In the meantime, if you encounter any issues updating Windows, be sure to read our guide to resolving Windows Update problems. And if you’ve had enough of Windows 10 updating altogether here’s how to temporarily turn off Windows Update.

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