It’s easier than ever to watch on-demand TV shows and movies on your Android device. But what about live TV? Yes, there are services like Sling and PlayStation Vue. However, if you know where to look, you don’t need to subscribe to their expensive plans. You can use free IPTV instead; you just need an

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Unboxing a new smartphone is supposed to one of tech’s new joys. Removing the cellophane, slipping the top off the box, and powering on your pristine device. The boot logo spins in all its colorful glory while the phone prepares its fresh operating system. But what if it isn’t quite so squeaky clean? Under that

Are you tired of streaming music? It feels like everyone is talking about how to stream this, how to stream that, how to stream from PC to phone, etc. Yet while streaming can be convenient, it also eats up your mobile data. With mobile providers becoming more stingy with data plans and data caps, maybe

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Don’t have a webcam, but need to record a video for Facebook or YouTube? Perhaps you already have a webcam and want to add a second camera to your setup? All you need is your Android phone and a suitable app. Here’s how to use your Android smartphone as a webcam. Why Use Your Android

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We live in the era of smart. Everything from your phone’s camera to the microwave sitting in your kitchen is or will be soon powered by an engine capable of making decisions on its own. Therefore, it only makes sense that the stock and essential Android apps you use every day should get a smarter

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Google Photos has disrupted the cloud media backup industry. By offering unlimited storage for photos and videos on your smartphone for free, the app is tempting for any Android (or even iPhone) user. An increasing number of Android phones only have the Photos app, with no other default gallery app pre-installed. But is Google Photos

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