Every business needs a logo. But not every business owner has the design skills to make it. Even if you aren’t an artist, you can generate a range of basic logos for free at these sites. Some of these sites do a simple job of mixing and matching elements.  While others will help you find

You can now force Google to automatically delete your data after a set period of time. This should save you from having to delete said data manually. Initially, Google’s auto-delete controls are available for your Location History and Web & App Activity. How to Auto-Delete Your Google Data In a post on The Keyword, Google

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It’s almost time for the Consumer Electronics Show, which means we’re going to hear about all kinds of exciting new technology! Dell is getting out ahead of the big event with the announcement of its new commercial Latitude 7400 2-in-1 laptop. The device actually features a proximity sensor that’ll wake the computer up automatically when

Microsoft is rolling out a new feature for OneDrive for Windows 10 that should ensure you never again lose access to your important documents. Once enabled, Folder Protection automatically backs up your important folders. Those being Desktop, Documents, and Pictures. Folder Protection for All OneDrive Users OneDrive’s new Folder protection was previously only available to

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Life can blind us with its routine. Let’s turn to Google and open up new opportunities to improve your life? The simple act of life logging with Google Sheets can uncover details which often go unnoticed. You don’t have to sweat because you can do it automatically. There’s no special knowledge required. In this article,

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CCleaner to remove only what you want. Every time you surf the internet, websites leave their tracks on your computer, including cookies, cached images, a history of visited sites and searches, site preferences, and more. These data reveal your browsing habits. If your privacy is dear to you, you may want to delete them. This