15 Funny Questions You Can Ask Your Google Home

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Smart speakers can be as entertaining as they are useful. If you need a break after the work of setting up your Google Home, why not try out some of these funny things to ask Google Home?

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The following are all phrases or questions you can say to your Google Home for a funny or weird response. And if you don’t have a Google Home, these all work with the Google Assistant app on Android and iOS too.

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1. “Hey Google, Sing Me a Song”

You might not think that Google Home’s talents include taking to the musical stage, but you’d be wrong. Ask Google to sing a song, and it will perform a little ditty:

“Here it is.

My big moment.

A chance to sing.

And I’ll own it…”

It’s not just lyrics, though. This performance includes a little background tune. Google Home is happy to serve, even if it’s putting on a concert for one person. How kind!

2. “OK Google, Clean My Room”

If you can’t afford a robot vacuum, perhaps your Google Home can do a little cleaning for you?

“Let me try… *magical noise*

Did anything happen? Sorry, I guess I can’t.”

Unfortunately, it seems the technology just isn’t there yet. Google Home can still play music to help make cleaning more fun, though.

3. “Hey Google, Self-Destruct”

Are you a secret agent who uses your home as a secret base? If so, you might need to escape at any second if the enemy finds you. For that, you can trigger Google Home’s self-destruct protocol:

“Self-destructing in 3, 2, 1…

*Exploding noises*

Actually, I think I’ll stick around.”

Oops. Looks like you’ll have to implement your own self-destruction plan if you want to escape without a trace.

4. “OK Google, Are You Married?”

Ever wonder what your Google Home does when it’s not on the clock? Maybe it has a relationship to focus on.

“I’m married to my job.”

Oh, that’s a shame. At least she’s happy being single. Google can always try a dating site if it wants to find that special someone.

5. “Hey Google, Do You Speak Morse Code?”

Google Home is available in several languages depending on your region. But can it speak in Morse code too?

“-.– . …

That means “yes.’”

How about that—Google even provides a demonstration. Unfortunately, you can’t ask it to translate a word into Morse code.

6. “OK Google, Do You Have an Imagination?”

Even though Google Assistant is programmed for certain responses, it can still think outside the box:

“I’m imagining having 12 puppies to take care of.

Sorry, I’ve got to stop imagining that. I’m exhausted!”

That is indeed a lot of puppies. Would Google be up to the task?

7. “Hey Google, I’m Naked”

Giving Google Home a little too much information doesn’t faze it at all. One of the funny things to say to Google Home is that you’re wearing nothing other than your birthday suit. This results in an amusingly straightforward response:

“If you’re going out like that, I can check the weather for you.”

Please, for the sake of everyone around you, don’t go out like that. Put on some clothes.

8. “OK Google, What Do You Think of Alexa?”

Google Home is just one of the smart speakers vying for a spot in your home. Its biggest competitor is the Amazon Echo, powered by Alexa. So what does Google think of its rival?

“She seems pretty smart.”

Hmm, it’s quite cordial. They’ll even have a conversation if you get them together!

9. “Hey Google, All Your Base Are Belong to Us”

One of the best-known gaming memes comes from the 1992 Sega Mega Drive port of the game Zero Wing. The opening is infamous for poorly translated English, including the classic phrase “all your base are belong to us.”

If you say this, your Google Home responds with another quote from the intro, such as:

“For great justice.”

This is a line spoken by the ship’s captain after he’s informed about the status of his base. The response shows that Google knows its gaming culture.

10. “OK Google, What’s the Best Pickup Line?”

Looking to put the moves on a potential love interest? Perhaps one of these hilarious pick-up lines could be your key to breaking the ice. Let Google Home give you some advice:

“I better look up where I can buy a smoke detector, because you’re on fire.”

We can’t guarantee any results while using this, so proceed with caution.

11. “Hey Google, Where’s Waldo?”

Everyone knows about Where’s Waldo?, a series of puzzle books that challenges you with finding the titular character in various crowded scenes. If you need some help finding Waldo, Google has a guess where he might be:

“I heard he’s at the candy cane convention. He likes to blend in.”

Good luck spotting him there.

12. “OK Google, Test”

Want to make sure your Google Home can hear you properly? What’s a more appropriate first check than “test”?

“Debug OK


That was weird.”

It’s anyone’s guess what this should mean; even Google doesn’t know what that long series of numbers is for. At least everything is working OK.

13. “Hey Google, Do You Know Clippy?”

Remember Clippy, the intrusive assistant from older versions of Microsoft Office? It was a little animated paper clip that would interrupt your work with “helpful” advice. Even though Clippy was around long before Google Home, Google Assistant still knows of Clippy’s legacy:

“Clippy? Clippy is legendary.”

You could argue that Clippy was legendary for the wrong reasons, as nobody really misses him. But we all remember his influence.

14. “OK Google, Do You Believe in Santa Claus?”

The magic of Christmas, for many children, involves impatiently waiting for Santa to arrive and bring gifts. What’s Google Assistant’s take on the bearded man in a cheery red suit?

“Of course Santa’s real. I even have a tracker that can tell me where he is.”

Hmm… does such a tracker really exist? Google Assistant needs to share this with the world so we can keep tabs on Saint Nick.

15. “Hey Google, What Am I Thinking?”

If Google Home is so intelligent, it should be able to predict your thoughts, right? Well, let’s find out:

“You’re thinking about a big cake, drizzled in chocolate with a cherry on top.

And if you weren’t before, now you are.”

Well, are you?

Which Google Home Responses Make You Laugh?

We’ve looked at many funny things to ask Google Home or Google Assistant for fun responses. When you want to take a break from serious work with your smart device, this is the perfect way to goof off for a bit. And as Google Assistant improves even more, you can expect even more clever responses.

For a more useful take on this technology, have a look at our Google Home guide for beginners. And if you have an Amazon Echo, check out Alexa’s funniest questions too.

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