Roku has launched two new devices, and they both provide 4K streaming for those on a budget. The Premiere and Premiere+ are tiny streaming players that boast both 4K and HDR capabilities. Which means you can finally take advantage of your new 4K TV. Roku Launches Even More New Hardware This time last year Roku

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When the Nintendo Switch first launched in March 2017, Nintendo announced that a premium online service would follow at a later date. It took until September 2018 for the Nintendo Switch Online service to finally arrive, providing Nintendo’s answer to Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus. Nintendo’s online subscription is quite different to both Sony and

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Though many live mostly paperless lives, there are still occasions when you need to print something out. Fortunately, wirelessly printing photos and documents straight from your iPhone or iPad is as easy as sending a text message. Apple’s printing technology AirPrint, plus a few handy third-party apps and cloud services, make it quick and simple

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If you’re a PlayStation Now subscriber you can now download games as well as stream them. This change makes PS Now an option for people who don’t have a fast or reliable enough internet connection to sign up for a pure streaming-based service. Sony launched PlayStation Now in 2014 as a cloud-based gaming subscription service.

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How to Set Up Your Own WAMP Server

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A great many websites are run using a trio of services: Apache, MySQL, and PHP. It is a tried and tested combination which works phenomenally well, most of the time. Usually, to gain access to this trifecta, you need to purchase web hosting. The web hosting runs on a remote server that is highly likely

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Headphones enhance a variety of activities. From music listening to hands-free calling, gaming, and even movie watching, a robust pair of headphones is a must for anyone. However, noise-canceling headphones elevate audio consumption. Through filtering outside sounds, these isolate the audio pumping through the cans. Need to reduce noise pollution? These are the best noise-canceling