Whether it’s checking out someone’s profile picture in full size or using Instagram without having an account, these third-party apps and tools level up your Instagram game. Most of these apps fill a need that Instagram has ignored to address or could be upcoming features, like the ability to create custom stickers, or planning your

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Christmas is approaching fast, and as well as choosing gifts for your loved ones, it is time to think about decorating for the festive season. While it can be tempting to buy new decorations each year, these purchases can all add up. Making your own decorations not only saves money and cuts out pointless waste,

We now know the worst passwords of 2018. These are the passwords you should never use, and that you shouldn’t let any friends or family members use either. Because not only are they very common, they’re so weak that even a six-year-old could crack them. The Top 10 Worst Passwords of 2018 123456 password 123456789

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Wondering what to get the tinkerer in your life for their birthday or the holiday season? Whether they are a young inventor in training or a lifelong hardware hacker, Arduino boards and accessories make for perfect creative gifts! In this article we will cover various Arduino-related gift ideas. Whether the person you are buying for

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Android users can now donate to a charitable organization using Google Play. This is the first time Google has offered users the chance to donate to charity through Google Play, and it has partnered with 10 worthy causes to kick things off. Many of us donate to charity all year round, but the holidays give

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From engineering to finance, there are countless jobs that involve working with spreadsheets, formulae and charts. Yet how many of us have really mastered these number-crunching skills? Microsoft Excel from Beginner to Advanced is a four-part course that brings you up to speed. Through 15 hours of tutorials, you learn the software inside out and

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