Gmail is the most popular email service in the world, but it’s not without its flaws. Even with the new changes in Gmail, Google hasn’t fixed several common annoyances and mistakes. A few fans of Gmail have tried to fill that void. Most of them are Chrome extensions, but one of them works with Gmail

A few months back, VLC Media Player got Chromecast support and 360-degree video views. It’s just another tiny notch on the popularity of the open source player which can handle anything that you throw at it (as long as it’s a media file!). The Windows version of the player is closing in on 50 million downloads,

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Every day, your phone accumulates pictures from all over. Memes from friends on messaging apps, personal memories you clicked, screenshots to stir up conversations on social media, and similar are probably taking up tons of space on your device. Managing hundreds of these files can be a cumbersome task. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be

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Twitter is no longer allowing developers to access its old APIs. This means that some key features of third-party Twitter apps such as Tweetbot, Twitterific, Talon, and Tweetings no longer work. Which has rather annoyed the people using those apps for obvious reasons. A Longstanding Love-Hate Relationship For many years, Twitter has enjoyed endured a

The world’s most popular 100-player PVP battle royale is coming to Android at long last. That’s right: you can finally play Fortnite on your Android device. Time to rejoice, grab your mats, and get ready to ride the storm. That is until you realize that Fortnite isn’t available on the official Google Play Store. Fortnite

If you have ever searched for something on Google, which we’d guess is everyone reading this, then you’ll have seen Google’s featured snippets. These being the little snippets Google places front and center in an attempt to provide the best answer to your query. In January, Google published “A reintroduction to Google’s featured snippets” in

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