It isn’t all about about Netflix and Hulu. If you are looking for more places to watch TV online, here are five apps you’ve probably never heard of. Read the full article: 5 Places to Watch TV Online You’ve Never Heard Of MakeUseOf

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Your Windows 10 laptop touchpad has potential beyond being a poor mouse replacement. We’ll show you how to set it up to use smart touch gestures with up to four fingers. Read the full article: How to Get the Most Out of Your Touchpad in Windows 10 MakeUseOf

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Keeping your computer clean and free from malware is important, and many companies out there make great products to help you do just that. But there are also a lot of people trying to take advantage of you, and they bank on the fact that you aren’t paying attention. They’ll offer features that sound important,

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Google Sheets is a viable alternative to Microsoft Excel, especially if you don’t need all the powerful features of the latter or frequently collaborate with others on spreadsheet files. If your spreadsheets are looking bland, a little color can go a long way in sprucing them up. Besides making it more visually appealing, color can

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Amazon removes Fire OS encryption, Apple supports users through Twitter, Amazon adds new devices to the Echo family, the founder of Oculus VR takes Apple to task, and Morgan Freeman thinks selfie sticks are dumb. Amazon Deprecates Encryption Support ZOMG: encryption in Amazon devices is gone! They removed it! I have no idea what it

Netflix’s rise to being the world’s primary media streaming service was no fluke. It was based on a complex recipe of data manipulation and emotion that means the company knows what you want to watch even before you know yourself. According to Netflix’s latest quarterly figures, the media streaming service is racking up almost 2

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