Amazon Prime is basically a necessity for anyone who buys a lot of stuff from the shopping giant, as it comes with two-day shipping. But there’s another reason to have Prime: the entertainment Amazon offers, specifically, the original TV series that are available. And while the shows haven’t made nearly as many waves as some of

You’ve all seen the videos. James Corden plus a surprise celebrity musician guest (or group) singalong to their biggest hits while the host of The Late Late Show chats with his subject in a comfortable, disarming setting. The fun part, of course, is the singing. Forget that Corden is stage school trained and that he has

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One of the simplest ways to stay safe online is to practice good password hygiene. For each service and site you use, you should make sure that you use a different password which contains a combination of numbers and special characters, and isn’t based on any dictionary words. Where possible, you should back this up

If you are an avid Microsoft Office 2016 user, then you may know that new features are being added all the time. Once you pop open an application like Word or PowerPoint, for example, you are greeted with that little what’s new box. Whether you check out those fresh features or simply move on, knowing

Email takes up several minutes of every single day. Make your life much more efficient with five different email tools and improve your email habits. Read the full article: 5 Universal Email Tools You Should Use to Make Life Easier MakeUseOf

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Linux gamers are understandably excited to have access to Steam, awesome titles courtesy of the Humble Indie Bundle, and other places to buy games. For years, mainstream games passed over the open source desktop. Players had to settle for whatever the free software community produced (or even playing inside a terminal), and the quality was

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