One of the most popular types of YouTube video is the screencast — the desktop tutorial that shows you how to do almost anything, from making better use of the Windows 10 shell, to something simple like switching your desktop theme. If you’ve ever considered making such a video, you’ll be happy to know that

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Back when Office 2016 debuted, it was met with a lot of mixed feedback despite all of the new features and updates. For some, the issue was that they would never use half of the newly-added bells-and-whistles, while for others, they were still upset that Microsoft Office lacked this or that feature. Now that it’s been

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The Amazon Echo (our review) is an interesting device that brings Siri and Google Now-like voice assistance out of your phone and into your home. It can perform lots of functions, from playing music to answering questions to ordering new goods on Amazon. Now, the Echo’s Alexa recently got an update that lets her tell

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Watch out for Windows 10 installing itself, Russia gives Google a kicking, Microsoft announces cross-platform gaming, Netflix tests Data Saver option, and online dating as a man dressed as a woman. Windows 10 Can Now Install Itself If you have so far resisted the allure of Windows 10, deciding instead to stick with Windows 7

You know that marketers and retailers track you online; cookies, social logins, canvas fingerprinting, and all sorts of other technologies make it easy for companies to keep track of what you do, not only on their site, but all over the Internet. But did you know that these same companies are monitoring what you do

In case you haven’t been paying attention, Samsung is about to release the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge! It’s hard not to get excited about the prospect of getting your hands on one of these phones. What if you could get your hands on two Galaxy S7 smartphones, and only pay for one? That’s exactly

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