Dropbox Extensions Arrive to Make Your Life Easier

by / Thursday, 08 November 2018 / Published in Latest News

Dropbox has launched Extensions as a way of making its users’ lives easier. These Dropbox Extensions will enable users to start content-based workflows without ever leaving Dropbox. Bringing an end to the days of toggling between different apps.

Dropbox Extensions Let Users Start Workflows

Dropbox Extensions are “a series of new integrations that let users start workflows” right from within the Dropbox platform. The idea is that people are storing their files on Dropbox so why not give them the tools to do things with them rather than send them elsewhere.

In order to bring Extensions to Dropbox, the company has partnered with Adobe, Autodesk, DocuSign, Vimeo, airSlate, HelloFax, HelloSign, Nitro, Pixlr, and Smallpdf. So if you use Dropbox and any of these services your life is about to get a whole lot easier.

Quentin Clark, SVP of Engineering, Product, and Design at Dropbox, said:

“We want to empower people to choose the best tools for their work by removing the friction between them. So we’re making it seamless for users to connect with partners that offer the right tools for the task at hand.”

Dropbox cites several examples of how you can use Extensions. You’ll be able to “take a contract from first draft to final PDF to signature,” “digitally fax that signed contract to its final destination,” and “annotate videos or edit images […] for real-time feedback”.

More Partners and Deeper Integrations to Come

Dropbox is starting small, with 10 Dropbox Extensions launching on November 27, 2018. However, the company is promising to “add more partners and deeper integrations” to its ecosystem in order to create less friction between the different tools people use.

This is a fantastic effort to try and make Dropbox users’ lives easier. And we hope Dropbox adds more extensions over time. In the meantime be sure to check out these Dropbox tools for creative types and these Dropbox apps you didn’t know you needed.

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