Google Chrome Turns 10 With Chrome 69

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Google first launched Chrome in September 2008. Which means Google Chrome is now 10 years old. These days, Google releases new versions of Chrome every couple of months, but to celebrate Chrome’s 10th birthday, the latest update is a doozy.

The latest release is Chrome 69, and it has a new look, as well as several new features. These include a new and improved password manager, a new and improved Omnibox, and new ways to make personalize Google Chrome. So let’s take a closer look…

What’s New in Google Chrome 69

Google Chrome has a bold new look which follows Google’s Material Design 2 guidelines. This means a modern feel, with soft, sleek lines, rounded corners, and subtle animations. The new user interface is being rolled out to all platforms as we speak.

Google Chrome has a new and improved password manager. From now on, every time you sign up to a new website or online service, Chrome will generate a password for you. Then, the next time you sign in, the password will be available to you on your laptop or phone.

Google Chrome’s Omnibox is getting even more useful. The Omnibox being the combined address bar and search bar. With Chrome 69, the Omnibox can show you answers to your queries directly in the address bar, saving you from even opening a new tab.

Last but not least, Google Chrome is now easier to personalize. When it comes to bookmarks you can now create and manage shortcuts directly from the new tab page. And you can also customize what background will be displayed when you open a new tab.

You can find out more about Chrome 69 on The Keyword.

Google Keeps Improving Chrome

Over the past 10 years Google Chrome has grown from nothing to be the most popular web browser in the world. And Chrome 69 suggests that, far from resting on its laurels, Google is determined to keep on improving and innovating its web browser.

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