Netflix Adds a Bunch of New Profile Icons

by / Thursday, 26 July 2018 / Published in Latest News

Netflix is adding a bunch of new profile icons to its lineup. Profile icons being the square identifier you click on to watch Netflix. And because Netflix boasts some great original programming, it’s even adding characters from its own shows.

A Brief History of Netflix User Profiles

In August 2013, Netflix launched user profiles. Before that, you just had one Netflix account which you had to share with everyone in your household. Which meant a shared watchlist, shared recommendations, and general confusion all-round.

Once Netflix launched user profiles, everyone in a household could have their own separate piece of the Netflix pie. They could finally manage their own watchlist, and watch shows at their own pace. And they could also choose their own profile icon.

Adding Character to Its User Profiles

Now, to mark the five-year anniversary of Netflix launching user profiles, the streaming service is adding over 100 new icons to its lineup. The existing smileys are getting a makeover, with new colors and more detail, but Netflix is also adding brand new icons.

These new icons take the form of some of the most iconic characters in Netflix’ original shows. So you can make your Netflix profile stand out by being Luke Cage, Steve Harrington from Stranger Things, or Crazy Eyes from Orange Is the New Black.

Netflix Now Boasts Recognizable Characters

This might not be the biggest change to hit Netflix, but it’s a sure sign that the streaming service has come of age. It wasn’t long ago that it just streamed old reruns, but now it has produced enough of its own content to have recognizable characters.

The new icons will be rolling out across Netflix’s mobile apps, TV apps, and on the website “over the next few weeks”. Which gives you plenty of time to binge-watch the A-Z of Netflix shows in order to decide which character best represents you.

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