Apple CEO Tim Cook doesn’t want people constantly looking at their iPhones. What’s more, he knows how to beat your iPhone addiction, or at least make it less likely to take hold. And as Cook’s job is to make us all buy iPhones, his advice is worth heeding. Tim Cook Shares Some Words of Wisdom

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For many, smartphones have become our world. And some are downright addicted to technology. Both Apple and Google understand this problem and have released new digital wellness tools. When dealing with any kind of addiction, the first step is acceptance. iOS 12’s new Screen Time feature shows you detailed statistics for how you spend time

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Facebook is launching new tools to help you manage your time on Facebook and Instagram. The idea is to inform users how much time they’re spending on Facebook and Instagram, and give them the tools they need to make social media great again. Do You Use Facebook and Instagram to Excess? While many of us

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Two of Apple’s institutional shareholders have published an open letter calling for the company to do more to tackle the problem of smartphone addiction. Especially with regard to how it affects younger iPhone users. And while Apple could ignore this letter, it would be risky to do so. Smartphones are addictive. They offer myriad ways

Your computers and phones are tools you use to accomplish your goals. But today, the products you buy don’t help you pursue your dreams, but someone else’s. Along the way, you adapt your habits and behavior without realizing it. Tech companies build habit forming products and they have more influence over us than we realize. They even shape our social, cultural,

Email is a funny thing. Back when the Internet was first gaining mainstream acceptance, the “You’ve got Mail” sound coming from the computer was exciting (even though the email was probably some kind of weird chain letter). Nowadays, emails tend to be more of chore. A lot of emails come from work, are spam, or

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