It’s fairly easy to leave Windows behind. Just buy a Mac, take a couple of days to settle in, and never look back. But for Microsoft Office users, the need to buy Office for Mac again can be a hassle. If you work in a traditional office environment that runs on Excel and Word, you

Many people think that Google Play is the only option Android users have for downloading apps. But there are actually quite a few quality alternatives. Additionally, if you’ve bought a device that isn’t authorized to run the Play Store, getting access can be very difficult (if not impossible). You’ll have no choice but to use

Modern computers are truly amazing, continuing to improve as the years go by. One of the many reasons why this has happened is due to better processing power. Every 18 months or so, the number of transistors that can be placed onto the silicon chips within integrated circuits doubles. This is known as Moore’s Law

Are you a Windows user who’s been tempted by talk of GarageBand? There are great Windows compatible programs and apps which can do as much, if not more. Here are the best alternatives to Apple’s music production software that you can run on your PC. 1. LMMS Open-source production software with a bevy of built-in samples

With tens of millions of users and countless properties to choose from, Airbnb really is incredible. But as far as vacation rental websites go, it’s not perfect. You might want to look at a few Airbnb alternatives for these reasons: All the properties in your budget might be booked. You may not find what you’re looking

Adobe Illustrator is the default choice for anyone who needs high quality graphic design software. But Adobe’s subscription model is pretty expensive, and Illustrator only works on Windows and Mac. If you’re a hobbyist on a budget, or use Linux or a Chromebook, what are your options? Fortunately, there are plenty of free, browser-based Adobe