One of the best accessories for your Mac is something you’ve probably never thought of: an iPhone or iPad. iOS offers tons of apps that can enhance your macOS experience. Here are six great apps that combine the power of your iPhone (or iPad) and Mac for a better experience during work and play. 1.

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Android app support for Chrome OS has been available for a while. But while you can install the majority of them on any Chromebook, only a handful are properly compatible with the operating system. If an app is updated for Chromebooks, it will be much more reliable and support Chrome OS’ built-in multitasking tools. Therefore,

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Google is constantly developing new apps, conducting experiments with AI, and making cool stuff. In case you missed their latest and greatest, here’s a quick rundown. Google is a technology giant that is a massive part of how we use the internet today. Its developers and engineers constantly update Google apps or create new ones

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The best portable apps don’t require installation. Portable apps can run out of any directory, even a flash drive—and you only need to download, unzip, and run the program to get started. But there are a LOT of portable apps out there. Which ones are worth using? Here’s our master list of the best portable

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Your phone acts as a valuable companion in nearly every facet of your life. It lets you stay in touch with loved ones, wakes you up in the morning, entertains you, and more. With the right apps, your phone can even act as a fitness coach and assist in your goal of shedding a few

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Comparison shopping is a crucial habit to develop if you want to save money on your purchases. And who doesn’t? Being able to quickly compare prices, whether from your couch or at the store, can help you save quite a bit of cash. You’ll make sure you always know where to find the best prices

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