Google’s ecosystem of services has exponentially ballooned over the years. Whether it’s the smart home market, mobile, entertainment, or the web, Google has managed to attain a dominant position in a wide range of sectors. Being such a large conglomerate, Google also has a number of lesser-known products apart from the chartbusters. Here are some

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Popular apps like Facebook Messenger and Twitter are finally jumping on the dark mode bandwagon. That’s great news for anyone who finds themselves blinded by white background interfaces when scrolling around your phone in the dead of night. Dark modes are soothing, plus dark themes save battery life on newer iPhone models with OLED displays.

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For many people, your phone’s camera is one of its most important aspects. It has a ton of uses, from superimposing wild creatures into reality with AR apps to taking sharp pictures even at night. But you might be missing out on another major ability your phone’s camera has: it can work as a visual

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Have you planned something special for Mother’s Day? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with some fantastic apps and sites that double up as cool gifts. These aren’t limited to gifts you can give your mom alone. These are for any mother you know, so you can surprise your wife, your daughter, or even your

The latest and last season of Game of Thrones has started airing, which inevitably leads to many theories and rumors swirling around. Here are a few must-have apps and sites for fans, especially if you want to challenge your friends about whose predictions turn out right. Keep in mind, these resources are aimed at fans

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The question most of us have in our free time isn’t whether or not to stream something, it’s, “What should I watch on Netflix?” Here are a few quick ways to get an answer. Netflix is constantly tweaking its interface to tell you to watch certain shows and movies, but sometimes, it seems like Netflix

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