The Arduino traffic light is a fun little project that you can build in under an hour. Here’s how to build your own using an Arduino, and how to change the circuit for an advanced variation. What You Need to Build a Traffic Light Controller Apart from the basic Arduino, you’ll need: 1 x 10k-ohm

Wondering what to get the tinkerer in your life for their birthday or the holiday season? Whether they are a young inventor in training or a lifelong hardware hacker, Arduino boards and accessories make for perfect creative gifts! In this article we will cover various Arduino-related gift ideas. Whether the person you are buying for

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Today, Arduino is widely seen as the best route into both DIY electronics and programming, with beginner’s tutorials through to novice project ideas aplenty. Since the design of Arduino is open source, there are many clones of the original range available online for significantly cheaper than the official boards. Using a clone board can save

Maybe you received an Arduino starter kit as a gift recently, or maybe you keep hearing about this awesome hobby for tinkerers and you want to get a taste, or maybe you’re an Arduino pro who just needs some fun ideas for the holiday season. If so, you’ve come to the right place. Everyone should

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With The Last Jedi almost upon us, Star Wars fans the world over are waiting with baited breath. What should you be doing to pass the time until release day? There are already many ways you can experience the Star Wars universe. Between the games, the books, and even the Twitter accounts, there are many

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Arduino boards, and the many affordable microcontrollers that came in their wake, changed hobby electronics forever. What was once the domain of the super geek, armed with extensive knowledge of electronics and computing, is now available to all. The price of the hardware is always dropping, and the online community is always growing. We’ve previously

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