Apple CEO Tim Cook doesn’t want people constantly looking at their iPhones. What’s more, he knows how to beat your iPhone addiction, or at least make it less likely to take hold. And as Cook’s job is to make us all buy iPhones, his advice is worth heeding. Tim Cook Shares Some Words of Wisdom

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Google has revealed that a zero-day bug in its Chrome browser was being actively exploited. Google released a patch on March 1 to fix the problem without publicizing the fact. The upshot is that you need to update Google Chrome as soon as possible. What Is a Zero-Day? A zero-day, also written as 0-day, is

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If it’s really hot out and you want to stay cool, you need an air conditioner. There’s no getting around that, and you’d want to keep your home at optimal temperatures while using the least amount of energy. But if you don’t have an AC, can’t install one, or want to reduce AC usage as

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Most productivity gurus recommend having a to-do list to manage your tasks. But after a while, that to-do list can become your worst enemy, as it grows into an out-of-control mess. It might be time to change things up. I’m a fan of the three-strike system to change productivity techniques or tools periodically. That change

Twitter has added another new tool designed to help stop trolls in their tracks. The onus is very much on the user to avoid coming face-to-face with potential harassers, but as it only takes the changing of a few settings to achieve this it’s well worth taking the time to do so. Most people who

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Bluetooth speakers are ubiquitous at this point. Whether that’s from a Google Home smart device, or an Amazon Echo hooked up to your own speaker systems, or just a $ 30 waterproof party speaker. So if you’re going to enter the market, you better be absolutely sure you have a compelling and unique selling point.

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