Chances are that you rely on Google Maps for nearly all your navigation needs. While Google Maps is great at looking up local places, did you know it’s also an excellent trip and vacation planner? We have nine great tips to help get the most out of Google Maps when planning (and during) trips. This

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Apple hands out free email addresses with every new Apple ID registered. It might not be the powerhouse that is Gmail, but iCloud Mail is still a useful email service to have at your disposal. If you already use your iCloud Mail address, make sure you’re familiar with features like aliases and mail rules. If

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Google Photos has disrupted the cloud media backup industry. By offering unlimited storage for photos and videos on your smartphone for free, the app is tempting for any Android (or even iPhone) user. An increasing number of Android phones only have the Photos app, with no other default gallery app pre-installed. But is Google Photos

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There are plenty of resources, both online and offline, designed to show you how to write neatly. Below, you’ll find a list of only the best of the best. The handwriting exercises you’ll learn from these resources, and penmanship practice you’ll gain will straighten out those illegible scribbles of yours in no time at all.

When you’re traveling to a new city, your choices today aren’t limited to hotels alone. Sites like Airbnb, Homeaway, and VRBO let homeowners rent their spaces to travelers. Which one is right for you though? Airbnb is now the biggest of these sites to find a place to stay. But HomeAway and VRBO, both part

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Calibre might not be the most polished app in the world, but it’s definitely the best software for managing your ebook collection. It ticks all the right boxes: it’s free, there aren’t any ads, and it boasts a vast number of powerful features. Sadly, many of those features fly under the radar, which is a