If you’ve used the web for any amount of time, you’ve probably built up a huge collection of bookmarks. It’s easy to fill up your bookmarks bar with your most-visited sites, and before long you’ll have an overflowing list of favorite pages that are impossible to navigate. Now is the time to sit down and

Podcasts are an essential medium on their own today. While most people listen to podcasts on their mobile devices, there are times when you’ll want to listen to them on your desktop. For example, when your phone is low on juice or when you’re on your PC at work. We’ve compiled a list of good

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The Google Play Store features a ton of browser apps in fierce competition to become your default mobile browser. This has forced developers to bundle a host of unique features and fresh designs in their offerings. But when you’re browsing the web for work, the factor that matters most is how quickly the app can

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Opera is one of the few, major browsers to survive in a market dominated by Google Chrome. With consistent updates and a wide set of built-in tools you wouldn’t find on others, Opera has managed to thrive. But Opera offers much more than what meets the eye. There are a host of other nifty features

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A good development environment is essential for every programmer. Whether you are developing the latest web apps or learning a language for the very first time, the environment you use should be convenient and easy to use. IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) are designed to make coding easier for developers. Most of them are offline programs

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Opera is a solid desktop browser, but it’s also had a mobile browser for ages. And in that long time span, the app has garnered millions of users as well as useful updates to keep it afloat. However, Opera has added a number of features that have flown under the radar of most users sights.