Making the jump from Windows to Linux isn’t always a walk in the park for long-time Windows users. That isn’t the say the experience isn’t a great one. It’s just that there are certain things you take for granted in Windows that are quite different in Linux. Some major differences include the need to become

Earlier this year, Nvidia unveiled its new line of Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), under the new name: RTX. This is an upgrade from the earlier GTX series of GPUs, but the branding isn’t the only change. Nvidia has now equipped these GPUs with the capability to carry out real time ray tracing. But what is

iOS 12 was announced right on cue at Apple’s 2018 Worldwide Developers Conference, but a rumored major redesign was nowhere in sight. This year Apple is delivering a refined version of iOS 11 (our complete guide to iOS), with a focus on fixing what’s broken rather than overhauling what works. We’ll likely see some more

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During May 2018’s Google I/O developer conference, one of the most headline-grabbing announcements was the imminent arrival of a new Google News app. Just a few short weeks after Google revealed its plans, the new app went live on both Android and iOS. It merges the old version of the app and the Google Newsstand

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You’ve been using Evernote for years, with your entire life stored on your account. Everything used to work so well. But that meticulous notebook structure is now nothing more than a blight on your existence. Trying to find a specific note? You may as well try to find a fart in a windstorm. But remember, the

The massive Windows 10 Anniversary Update arrived at the start of August, accompanied by sparklers, streamers, and the stuttering state of suspense most Windows users will by now find all-too-familiar. Windows 10 Build 1607 — to give the update its official name — is really quite big. It leaves no corner of Windows 10 unturned,

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