Your smartphone has a vast amount of components inside. If one of these components isn’t working correctly, it can ruin your whole experience. But how do you pinpoint exactly what is wrong with your device? Maybe the accelerometer seems a bit off, or web browsing on mobile data or Wi-Fi feels sluggish. How about if

No matter who you are, whether newbie or veteran, your Windows system will eventually run into problems that aren’t so easy to diagnose. (It happens on other operating systems too.) When that happens, what do you do? You could hire somebody to troubleshoot the problem for you, but that should be a last resort. There’s

A Machine Check Exception is a critical Windows system error. The result? A blue screen of death. Unfortunately, a Machine Check Exception error isn’t usually a one-off. Some users report being plagued by Machine Check Exception errors, having to trial a long list of potential fixes before arriving at the promised land. This article gathers

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We all love sharing photos, whether it’s a snap of your lovely breakfast or a great image of the setting sun. Perhaps you share those photos on Flickr, or maybe even Instagram, Twitter, and even Facebook. But how much information are you giving away when you share snaps online? What can malicious users (such as

When you add hosting to a domain name, change hosting providers, or just change your nameservers, you need to wait for the changes to propagate around the world. But what does DNS propagation even mean? And how can you check the current status of your site? Keep reading to find out more. What Is DNS

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The protection of personal data and information is often the spotlight thanks to incidents like the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal. But most information leaks are not due to companies willingly selling your data. Rather, they are the result of breaches and hacks. To make matters worse, you often only hear about these data breaches

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