The streaming device market is more competitive than ever. Today, there are a plethora of devices to choose from across a number of price points.   If you want the best of the best, however, you’ll probably want to invest in a device that supports 4K video. Many of the most popular streaming services are

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You probably already know that you can use your Raspberry Pi as a media center. You can even install Kodi on it for managing media offline and online. But what if you’re happier to leave it running Raspbian as the main operating system? Well, if you have a mobile device you don’t mind using for

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The 2nd generation Chromecast is a simple, plug-and-play internet streaming stick. Unlike rivals such as the Roku Streaming Stick, Amazon Fire Stick, or Apple TV, it doesn’t come with a remote or even an interface of its own. When Chromecast is enabled and connected, all you’ll see on your TV is a slideshow of some amazing

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Many media players support streaming to a Google Chromecast (making it ideal for use as a stripped down media center). However, some still don’t. One of the main culprits is the popular VLC Media Player, a versatile tool in many other areas. So, why doesn’t VLC support Chromecast streaming? Well, it turns out that this

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Micro-USB cables are incredibly useful. While USB cables to charge Android and other devices aren’t yet standardized, Micro-USB cables rank among the most common. Yet Micro-USB cables differ significantly. It’s not merely the port that matters. Rather, length and durability remain crucial to quality USB cables. Several factors determine Micro-USB cable robustness and length. Considering

So, you’ve made the leap and bought a Chromecast. Well done, that was a smart move. You’re probably now happily using it to stream video content straight to your TV. And you’re so impressed you’re even thinking about cutting the cord altogether. That would be another smart move. But did you know the tiny Chromecast

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