Google Chrome version 69 made several changes, not the least of which was a fresh coat of paint. Whenever a longtime product makes a visual change like this, some users understandably long for the past looks again. Whether you want to go back to the classic look in Chrome or Firefox, we’ll show you quick

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Adobe Lightroom Classic CC is the leading image organization tool. It’s natural that it gives you features to cleanly organize and search a large collection of photos. Lightroom comes equipped with several search filters that can help you narrow down queries for specific photos in the haystack. But to take it even further, you can create

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An incredible library of games and other software is available to your Raspberry Pi. You probably know that it makes a great base for emulating other platforms, but did you know it could run retro PC software? Before Windows, there was MS-DOS. This old disk operating system from Microsoft can be emulated on the Raspberry

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Nintendo has decided to bring the NES Classic Edition back from the dead. The NES Classic Edition will be available in stores in the U.S. again from June 29, so if you know anyone who works in retail you should probably ask them to put one aside for you. The Return of the Nintendo Entertainment

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Back in 2017, we introduced you to Primephonic, the Spotify for classical music. And it turns out that there’s a movie equivalent of Primephonic. It’s called FilmStruck, and this streaming service specializes in classic movies. With Netflix focusing more on original content, FilmStruck may just be a viable alternative to Netflix for those of you

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Television shows have come a long way over the years and not just in terms of switching from black and white to color. The days when TV couples slept in separate beds and curse words were bleeped are over. However, if you miss those good old times of wholesome television then you’re in luck. Amazon

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