If you’re reading this, you’ve probably used Linux before, and know that works on almost any piece of hardware. Meanwhile, you’ve got a phone in your pocket, and you know it’s versatile. So can your Android phone run Linux? Yes, it can. Here’s what you need to know about running Linux on your Android smartphone

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When you lead a busy lifestyle, anything that you can do to make it that little bit easier and more convenient can be a godsend. That is why kitting your home out with the latest Internet of Things (IoT) devices can be a tempting prospect. After all, wouldn’t you like to be able to check

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Remember when files had to be split between multiple floppy disks to move them between computers? Or the inconvenience of burning and ripping data from rewritable discs? Fortunately, we’ve moved on from such primitive methods. While file transfers have never been faster than they are today, for many of us, file transfers still feel like

If you have any interest in home entertainment, you’ve surely heard of the Amazon Echo. Once considered nothing more than a gimmick, Alexa now powers a growing number of devices. Between revamped models and all-new offerings, a lot has changed since the Echo first launched in 2015. With so many devices, it can be tough

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Everyone’s being flooded with emails about privacy policy updates thanks to a new data protection law (GDPR) that went into effect in late May 2018. The GDPR has affected almost every business that exists online, even those that mainly operate outside of the EU. While it’s still unclear how large the ramifications of the GDPR

One area where Kodi lags behind Plex is in how easy it is to share your media library on multiple devices. On Plex, the process is as simple as installing the appropriate app and entering your password. On Kodi, the process is much more convoluted. But, thankfully, convoluted doesn’t mean impossible. There are actually two

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