If you have any interest in home entertainment, you’ve surely heard of the Amazon Echo. Once considered nothing more than a gimmick, Alexa now powers a growing number of devices. Between revamped models and all-new offerings, a lot has changed since the Echo first launched in 2015. With so many devices, it can be tough

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Everyone’s being flooded with emails about privacy policy updates thanks to a new data protection law (GDPR) that went into effect in late May 2018. The GDPR has affected almost every business that exists online, even those that mainly operate outside of the EU. While it’s still unclear how large the ramifications of the GDPR

One area where Kodi lags behind Plex is in how easy it is to share your media library on multiple devices. On Plex, the process is as simple as installing the appropriate app and entering your password. On Kodi, the process is much more convoluted. But, thankfully, convoluted doesn’t mean impossible. There are actually two

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Looking for Black Friday Deals from Amazon? We’ve got you covered with the latest Kindle ereaders, tablets, and more! Read the full article: Here Are 9 Early Black Friday Deals You Can Get on Amazon Devices MakeUseOf

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Logitech is intentionally bricking Harmony Link devices in March 2018. This means your Harmony Link will “no longer function after this date”. However, after the backlash that followed this announcement, Logitech is offering a Harmony Hub to all Harmony Link owners for free. All hardware manufacturers stop supporting their products eventually. It’s the only way

Google is making it easier to find certified Android devices. These are devices, both smartphones and tablets, that Google has certified as being worthy of the Android name. And certified Android devices will now come with Google Play Protect branding to make them easier to spot. If you’re looking to buy an Android device it’s

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