If you’re an Android user there’s a good chance Facebook can track your location even when you aren’t using the app. And you only have yourself to blame, as you’ve ticked the option to share your location. However, Facebook is now adding more granular controls. How Location SHaring Works on Android and iOS Android and

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Google has launched new activity cards that make it easier to resume previous searches. By using these activity cards, you will be able to build up a repository of research over time. And it won’t matter how often you step away from Google. Google’s Activity Cards Save Your Searches Without Google the web would never

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Dropbox has launched Extensions as a way of making its users’ lives easier. These Dropbox Extensions will enable users to start content-based workflows without ever leaving Dropbox. Bringing an end to the days of toggling between different apps. Dropbox Extensions Let Users Start Workflows Dropbox Extensions are “a series of new integrations that let users

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Facebook is trying its hand at hardware by launching two new devices called Portal and Portal+. These are essentially videophones as people in the 1960s imagined we would all be using by now. And thanks to Facebook, this prediction of the future may come true. Video phones were once seen as the future. Why would

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If you’re a freelancer or do a lot of contract work, creating and sending out invoices is probably an important task for you. Have you ever wanted a simple way to create, manage, and send invoices all in one app? The newest app from MakeUseOf, called Invoice Mini, is just that: a powerful invoice generator.

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The trick to a great trip is a little bit of planning. You don’t need every second of your schedule to be filled with activities. But you don’t want to come back from your trip and find out that you missed a must-see attraction. Between sites that make the whole itinerary for you to apps