When you need a break in your busy day, why not pop open a fun, challenging online match-three game? These unique options let you match classic items, create chains, take out zombies, and serve customers. All of this enjoyment is packed with the punch of the match-three puzzle genre. If you are ready for a

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Facebook now lets you encrypt all of your Facebook Messenger conversations. Unfortunately, the feature, called Secret Conversations, isn’t automatically switched on. This means you have to manually enable encryption on each and every conversation you have. Still, it’s worth the extra effort. End-to-encryption conversation on Messenger = "Secret conversation" Normal conversation = Non-secret conversation? —

Smartphone photography has made it easy to record almost every experience of your life, from the burger you ate for lunch to your visit to the Taj Mahal. And that’s great for sharing things with your family and friends on social media, but how does it affect your experiences? Does it distract you from what

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To quote Blink-182, “Late night. Come Home. Work Sucks. I know.” Work is a part of life for just about everyone. We need money, and to get money, we have to work. But working doesn’t have to be a terrible experience. No matter what you do for work, you can find ways to enjoy it

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