Opera is a solid desktop browser, but it’s also had a mobile browser for ages. And in that long time span, the app has garnered millions of users as well as useful updates to keep it afloat. However, Opera has added a number of features that have flown under the radar of most users sights.

Standing desks are becoming more common as the health problems associated with sitting over a long period come to light. When you decide to purchase a standing desk, there’s more to consider than just the type of standing desk counter to buy. Some stand-up desk accessories can enhance your experience even more, including the following.

Technology has changed the way by which students approach their education. Any learner today has access to a vast number of apps across their devices. But students should know which apps are useful for their education, and which ones are a waste of time. Choosing the right kind of apps can help students complete their

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Want to see what a file contains without opening its associated app on your Mac? All you have to do is press the Space bar. This shortcut triggers the handy Quick Look feature on your Mac. While it’s simple to use, we’ll explore five essential tips for getting more out of it. 1. Preview Files

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When it comes to ebooks there are more than a dozen common file types. And each of these has different strengths and is compatible with different ereaders. Which is why you might find yourself in need of an ebook converter. In this article, we’ll explain everything there is to know about converting ebooks. The Best

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Chances are that you rely on Google Maps for nearly all your navigation needs. While Google Maps is great at looking up local places, did you know it’s also an excellent trip and vacation planner? We have nine great tips to help get the most out of Google Maps when planning (and during) trips. This

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