If you’ve switched from Safari to Chrome on your iPhone, you’ll find the layout quite different than what you’re used to. It’s not difficult to find your way around in Chrome, but the following tips will come in handy nonetheless. Note: The Chrome toolbar appears at the bottom in portrait mode and at the top

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I’ve used quite a few Android phones over the years, and I can say for sure that the Essential Phone is, hands down, my favorite. Here are some qualities unique to the Essential Phone that make it a phenomenal device. 1. This Is Essential’s Only Phone Samsung, LG, and HTC each put out buckets of

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People can head to YouTube to learn about everything from changing guitar strings to Photoshop basics. As such, it’s an excellent way to learn about cybersecurity. A formal, real-world class may be out of your budget, but the great thing about YouTube videos is that they’re free and versatile. You can watch or listen to

Most recipe sites assume you have a basic level of understanding how to cook. But for the absolute beginner, things need to be even simpler, like what these five sites offer. This is a mix of learning the techniques needed to cook, as well as some quick-meal recipes for anyone without cooking knowledge. Start with

Screenshots have turned into a preferred form of communication. We use them to share a funny conversation or relevant parts of an article. And we use annotated screenshots to point out the craziness that’s happening on our iPhone’s screen. You might be used to the circle of iPhone screenshots by now. You take a screenshot,

Do you need an effective way to help keep your focus on your work? Unplug from the internet. You know it works. But first, you’ll need to set up your computer with a few essential tools that will help you get a big chunk of your work done offline. Let’s round up 10 potential ones