Book lovers are stuck in a neverending quest to find more material. You could subscribe to a service like Kindle Unlimited—but it might be unnecessary, especially for casual readers. Instead, why not check out Amazon Prime Reading? It has lots of benefits compared to other rival services. But what exactly is Amazon Prime Reading? Who

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Most people are pretty good at keeping backups of their valuable data on external hard drives. But what happens if the drive becomes corrupted? It’s a lesson in why you should always make an offsite backup with a cloud provider as well as a local copy—but it’s too late for that now. Thankfully, if you

Netflix has pioneered the age of cord-cutting and become synonymous with streaming. And Netflix is now producing more original content than ever. The latest, called Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, is an interactive film that shows the power of streaming media. Bandersnatch is the latest installment of Black Mirror, one of Netflix’s most popular titles. But what

Your always-connected smartphone makes sure you stay updated with every new message and notification. But there are instances when you aren’t able to keep up with the deluge of alerts, which leaves the other person waiting for a response. This could happen when you’re stuck in a long meeting, on a flight, or just busy.

WhatsApp connects over a billion users around the world. They’re able to communicate through text messages or by using WhatsApp voice calling. And like any instant messenger, WhatsApp has a robust video calling feature as well. What to Know About WhatsApp Video Calls Video calling is exactly what it sounds like. You “call” a contact you

Picking an affordable phone plan with unlimited calling, texting, and data can be pretty overwhelming. Each mobile carrier—whether prepaid or postpaid—offers additional perks from Netflix subscriptions to mobile hotspots. While unlimited calls and texts really are unlimited, data is more complicated. Most carriers throttle your data after you pass a certain threshold. Let’s take a