HTTP cookies have both positive and negative traits. Yes, third-party cookies can follow you around the web and record your actions, but cookies can also be used for authentication, personalizing websites, and automatically filling in forms. If you delete them, you’ll lose all that stored information and will have to enter it again. However, if

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Sigh, web browsers and tab management, it’s a never-ending saga and none of the browser-makers seems to be able to fix it. While they try to come up with solutions, your best bet in the meanwhile is to download a useful extension to manage tabs. We’ve already talked about some of the best tab management

Google Chrome version 69 made several changes, not the least of which was a fresh coat of paint. Whenever a longtime product makes a visual change like this, some users understandably long for the past looks again. Whether you want to go back to the classic look in Chrome or Firefox, we’ll show you quick

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Nearly all web browsers have similar speeds when actually browsing the web, so “speed” actually comes down to the performance and how you use the program. Whether you’re already a Firefox user or switching from Chrome to Firefox, this guide will tell you how to speed it up. We’ll be sticking to the latest stable version of

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Windows Timeline was the fanciest feature that came in with the Windows 10 April 2018 Update. This productivity feature keeps a record of all your activities and even helps you switch to another device and pick up where you left off. The only problem? It only syncs Microsoft Edge’s web browsing history and there is

Mozilla is synonymous with Firefox, which remains one of the best web browsers in the world. But there’s a lot more happening at Mozilla these days, from cool mobile apps to exploring and protecting the internet. Check it out. You probably know that Mozilla also makes apps like Thunderbird, and recently bought the read-it-later bookmarking

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