Google Chrome is the world’s most popular browser, but even though it gets a lot right, you can still improve it. Chrome experts probably know that some of its best options are hidden. Many of these secret options live in the Chrome Flags menu. Let’s discuss some of the best Chrome flags that you can

Microsoft has partnered with NewsGuard to fight against fake news. NewsGuard is a browser extension which rates the trustworthiness of news and information sites. And the mobile version of Edge for Android and iOS now comes with NewsGuard built-in. NewsGuard Ranks Sites on Trustworthiness The aptly named NewsGuard is a browser extension which provides write-ups

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WhatsApp is taking the first step in trying to combat misinformation being spread via its platform. With over 1 billion people now using WhatsApp it has become the default option for spreading rumors to lots of people both quickly and efficiently. This Message Has Been Forwarded to You WhatsApp will now add a small “Forwarded”

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Chrome might be the most popular Internet browser in the world, but it also comes in for a fair amount of criticism. One such criticism is that the software is no longer as fast as it used to be; people claim it’s now a memory hog that has gotten bogged down with too many features

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