At most top companies, project managers are in charge of day-to-day operations. This exciting role comes with a six-figure paycheck — and it’s open to anyone. The Project Management Certification Training Bundle can help you get started, with 22 hours of video tutorials working toward the globally-recognized CAPM exam. Right now, the bundle is just

From cybersecurity to tech support, there are many great IT careers you can jump into without a college degree. However, it definitely helps to have a few certifications on your résumé. The Ultimate IT Certification Training Bundle helps you gain technical skills and prove your knowledge, with over 200 hours of video training. Right now,

There are plenty of new features to experiment with added to Windows 10 as part of the April 2018 update. Some are these features may be simple but have long been missing from Windows 10, like the ability to selectively turn off notifications at specific times. This is a feature that is now available with

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Android TV is slowly taking over the set-top box streaming box market. It powers the wonderful Nvidia Shield, it’s the operating system of choice for Kodi boxes, and it even forms the foundation for Amazon Fire TV sticks. But Android TV isn’t just about streaming live TV and using on-demand video apps. It also boasts

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Do you need a timesheet template for Excel or Word? If the type of work you do requires a timesheet, like a contractor, temporary, or part-time employee, make sure that you have the exact one you need. Some let you track hours daily or weekly, while others include breaks and overtime. The following templates are

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In the past we’ve covered a bunch of tricks that can help you save money online, such as using the envelope method, killing the early adopter mindset, and making full use of your credit card benefits. But here’s a trick you may not have heard: converting prices to hours of work. Let’s say your wage

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