Thanks to Alexa Guard your Amazon Echo is now capable of guarding your home while you’re away. While it isn’t intended to be a replacement for a dedicated security system, Alexa Guard offers some simple safeguards designed to give you peace of mind. What Is Alexa Guard and How Does It Work? In a nutshell,

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Say you’re a bash scripting wizard who loves automating tasks for your less tech-savvy friends and family. Even though you’ve given them a script that completely fixes their problem, they might still be anxious about using the Terminal on their own. In this case, you might as well just do it all for them manually.

Our verdict of the PuppyCube Projector:The hardware is straight out of a sci-fi movie, and the touchscreen projection actually works. Unfortunately, with dodgy third party app stores and a host of compatibility issues, the OS is unusable at the moment. 410 PuppyCube is an ultra-short throw projector with a built-in camera to detect touch gestures,

With so many users making the jump to internet banking, it’s no wonder that hackers are on the hunt for login details. What may be surprising, however, are the lengths that hackers go to in order to access your finances. Here’s a look at how hackers target your bank account and how to stay safe.

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Yamaha just announced the rather cool Sonogenic SHS-500 keytar (a musical keyboard that can be held like a guitar), which aims to be a device that can appeal to anyone from dedicated musicians to someone who can barely hold a rhythm at all. The company says this new device is designed to let it enter into

Are you wondering how to recover Facebook without a confirmation or reset code? Fortunately, Facebook’s Code Generator is only one of many layers of Facebook security. We will show you alternative ways to receive a Facebook confirmation code and log back into your account. Unlock the free “Facebook Security Checklist” now! This will sign you

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