WhatsApp is taking the first step in trying to combat misinformation being spread via its platform. With over 1 billion people now using WhatsApp it has become the default option for spreading rumors to lots of people both quickly and efficiently. This Message Has Been Forwarded to You WhatsApp will now add a small “Forwarded”

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The news is more broken than ever before. It’s difficult to believe what you read from news sites, and you know you can’t trust social media. The onus is now on the reader to find the right places to read the most factual articles. For most of us, Google News remains one of the main

Hundreds of video games get released every year, and there’s not enough time to play them all. How are you supposed to know which games are worth your time? The many game review sites and video game news sites on the internet are here to help. Whether you want to check on a game’s quality

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During May 2018’s Google I/O developer conference, one of the most headline-grabbing announcements was the imminent arrival of a new Google News app. Just a few short weeks after Google revealed its plans, the new app went live on both Android and iOS. It merges the old version of the app and the Google Newsstand

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News about the latest in scientific research tends to be complex and full of jargon. That’s troubling, and a reason so many people don’t trust science news. If you find it overwhelming, here are some sites and blogs that put the news in layman’s terms. Even big sites like the BBC or Science Daily make

There was a time when you needed both hands to read the news. Nowadays we have other options, such as podcasts for daily commutes and, more recently, Siri’s helpful voice. Apple’s iOS 11.2.5 update has come with this always-on hands-free news reading feature. This feature is only supported in the US, UK, and Australia for now. Here’s how to use

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