It’s fairly easy to leave Windows behind. Just buy a Mac, take a couple of days to settle in, and never look back. But for Microsoft Office users, the need to buy Office for Mac again can be a hassle. If you work in a traditional office environment that runs on Excel and Word, you

Microsoft Office remains the gold standard of office applications. Sure, there are plenty of awesome free Microsoft Office alternatives out there, but nothing comes close to the real deal. Unlock the “Essential Microsoft Office Shortcuts” cheat sheet now! This will sign you up to our newsletter Enter your Email Unlock Read our privacy policy That

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If you work behind a desk, chances are you have to use Microsoft Office every day. But how many of us have actually mastered the software? If you want to improve your skills, the A to Z Microsoft Office Bundle is a great place to start. This learning library provides eight courses and over 38

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Templates are some of the handiest tools we can use for creating documents. If you need a template for an existing or new business or any personal tasks, templates help us get the document done faster and easier than starting from scratch. So, to help those instructors, professors, and teachers who are looking for a way

Protecting your zombie romance whodunnit novel draft with a super strong password was a great idea. That is until you cannot remember the password to unlock the Microsoft Office document. And now there is no way in. Luckily, several really useful programs remove Microsoft Office password protection. Here are five of the best. Microsoft Office

The standalone version of Microsoft Office 2019 will be exclusive to Windows 10. While Office 2019 might run on Windows 7 and 8.1, Microsoft is not planning to support it on these versions of its operating system. Moreover, Office 2019 could be the last version of Office available outside of an Office 365 subscription. A