Sound financial advice is important regardless of your financial situation. Unless you’re so rich that you don’t even have to think about money, there are always ways to cut back on spending, to spend your money more wisely, or to make extra cash. While you’ll find a wealth of financial advice on the web, a

You might know DuckDuckGo as the ultimate private search engine. While that’s reasonably true, it’s still important to understand what gives DuckDuckGo its “Privacy, simplified” motto. Unlike many other search engines (ahem, Google), DuckDuckGo doesn’t care about your personal information, which sounds like every web surfer’s fantasy. So, how exactly does it put a stop

Microsoft OneNote is a multipurpose note-taking app. You can mold it in any way to get your work done. With the built-in simple wiki system, you can make connections with other notes in the same section or another notebook. You can also link your notes with a web page, link to Office documents, and more.

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We all love sharing photos, whether it’s a snap of your lovely breakfast or a great image of the setting sun. Perhaps you share those photos on Flickr, or maybe even Instagram, Twitter, and even Facebook. But how much information are you giving away when you share snaps online? What can malicious users (such as

When you work online as a freelancer, the line between your personal self and professional self tends to blur. The risk of identity mix-ups and misplaced data is a constant, and so is the temptation to play hooky from work. One email sent to the wrong address or one ill-advised post on your Facebook timeline

Facebook has launched a new feature that sees the social network asking users questions about themselves. Did You Know, as the feature is called, is reminiscent of tbh, which Facebook acquired back in October 2017. The problem is trusting Facebook enough to answer truthfully. In October, Facebook acquired an app called tbh, which was adding