One of several features missing from Instagram is the ability to share links in captions. However, as with most things in life, there are a few ways to bypass this problem. You can get around this limitation by using one of a number third party-websites that aim to solve this very problem. And in this

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The key to updating all of your social media accounts using email is to use an automation service like IFTTT. You can set up several different applets for different types of posts on Twitter and Facebook. Once you’ve done this, you’ll only need to send one email to update both social networks. To post your updates, just send

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With the end of another year, it is always fun to take a look back. So, let’s review what has happened in the land of Google Chrome in 2016. What were the new features, notable MakeUseOf articles, and distinctive extensions? We have it all wrapped up here for you. Image Credit: MEzairi via Shutterstock Newest

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Facebook is awesome. But the sheer amount of information it pushes towards you all the time can be overwhelming. How do you sift through them to find the gems? A few apps and sites are already doing that job for you. Some of the specialized tools are made by Facebook itself to help you find

If you’re running a small business or website, knowing when to post to your social media networks is key. Breaking down information from several studies , we looked for patterns and put together a guide on when to post to the six major social media networks. If you already have an established audience, there are

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