In Microsoft’s ideal world, everyone will have upgraded to Windows 10 by now, but that hasn’t yet happened. So, Microsoft is offering to keep supporting Windows 7 for a little while longer… if you’re willing to pay for the privilege. Windows 7 Extended Security Updates In a blog post detailing how Microsoft is “helping customers

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Price comparison websites, also known as price comparison engines, are essential for getting the best deals on the web—especially when you don’t have the time to hunt down coupons (use these online coupon sites) or wait for good deals to come around (how to find deals and discounts). Why visit over 10 different retailers when you

Why sign up for social media? Young or old, chances are you’ve taken a plunge of signing up to a social media account at least once. Yet, no other social media platform is quite as prolific and inviting as Facebook. With the revelation that Cambridge Analytica was using Facebook’s user data—including but not limited to

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Adobe’s decision to phase out its one-time payment desktop apps has not been a popular one. While there is merit to paying a one-time larger fee for one desktop app, Adobe’s Creative Cloud comes with a lot of great advantages, and represents good value for money. So why should you purchase the Adobe Creative Cloud?

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Our verdict of the Nubia Z17 Lite:Nubia’s feature packed Z17 Lite represents incredible value for money. Despite a medicore camera and polarizing software experience, the Z17 Lite is a premium phone in an affordable package.810 There once was a time when premium Android phones reigned supreme. If you wanted your smartphone of choice to run

You know what’s awesome? Missing a Black Friday deal only to have the item come up cheaper just a few days later. That’s exactly what’s happening right now with the latest Call of Duty game on Amazon! Call of Duty: WWII Call of Duty: WWII – PlayStation 4 Standard Edition Call of Duty: WWII – PlayStation

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