Amazon is mailing out printed holiday catalogs to millions of its customers across the United States. Titled “A Holiday of Play”, it’s packed full of the hottest toys your kids are going to want this Christmas. And Amazon is hoping you’ll buy from them. A Holiday of Play (and Profits for Amazon) “A Holiday of

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Have you always wanted to design your own 3D models? What about 3D printing a part you have designed? There are many 3D modeling programs around, but these can be difficult to use if you are not artistic (like me). OpenSCAD provides a way for you to design models specifically for 3D printing, using nothing

The shops are getting busy, the smell of roasting chestnuts in wafting through the high street, and there’s a faint sound of a brass band playing in the distance. It can only mean one thing — Christmas is coming. Sadly, it’s becoming more commercial and less traditional with every passing year. The cost of Christmas

You can make some really cool things with an Arduino. And you can make some really cool things with a 3D printer. What do you get when you use them both? Some extremely cool things. Here are 5 projects that you can 3D print and power with an Arduino (and, as a bonus, a 3D printer

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