Adobe has revealed more about Fresco, its new drawing and painting app for the iPad and other tablets. Fresco has been designed to appeal to novice and experienced artists. And all you’ll need is the right hardware to run the app. Adobe announced Fresco in October 2018, giving everyone a sneak peek of the software

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Google has revealed more about Stadia, its cloud gaming platform that some are calling the “Netflix for games”. We now know when Google Stadia is going to launch, how much Stadia is going to cost, and what games you can expect to play on Stadia. In March 2019, Google announced Stadia. Google revealed that Stadia

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At WWDC 2019, Apple has announced a brand new operating system. Called iPadOS, this is specifically designed for iPads. While built on the same foundation as iOS, iPadOS introduces features designed to make better use of the iPad hardware. Until now, iOS has powered iPhones and iPads. However, in the future, while iOS will continue

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Sometimes you just need a big tablet. Sometimes you need a really, really big tablet, which is exactly what AT&T is thinking with the unveiling of its excessively large Samsung Galaxy View 2. While smaller than the original View tablet, it’s still absolutely massive, coming with a 17.3-inch screen, which makes it closer to the

Apple CEO Tim Cook doesn’t want people constantly looking at their iPhones. What’s more, he knows how to beat your iPhone addiction, or at least make it less likely to take hold. And as Cook’s job is to make us all buy iPhones, his advice is worth heeding. Tim Cook Shares Some Words of Wisdom

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Canon has just unveiled two new instant digital cameras, the CLIQ and CLIQ+, which goes along with the trend of instant-print digital cameras making a comeback. The company’s take on instant cameras seems quite cool, and both models have some solid features that make them stand out in the crowded instant camera space. They also

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