How do you suppose your PC, smartphone, or tablet knows where to go when you type in a domain name like It’s not by magic—all internet connected devices make use of the domain name system, with DNS servers at its core. But what is a DNS server, and how does it work to get

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Plex rose to prominence as a media center. Originally, it was a sort of do-it-yourself (DIY) Netflix and Spotify allowing for remote access of videos, music, and pictures. However, since its inception, Plex added plugins for streaming content, podcast support, and connectivity with antennas for live TV and DVR. As such, Plex is a cord

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How to Set Up Your Own WAMP Server

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A great many websites are run using a trio of services: Apache, MySQL, and PHP. It is a tried and tested combination which works phenomenally well, most of the time. Usually, to gain access to this trifecta, you need to purchase web hosting. The web hosting runs on a remote server that is highly likely

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Want to stream videos hosted on a Raspberry Pi to difference devices around your home? Several options are available (including Kodi) but for the best results, a dedicated Plex installation is recommended. Here’s how to install Plex server on a Raspberry Pi, configure it, and start streaming your favorite movies, TV shows, music, family photos,

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CPUs and graphics cards typically generate the most excitement among computer components. Nevertheless, a hard drive is an essential element of a computer. An excellent GPU and CPU won’t remain useful with an unreliable hard disk. With solid-state drives (SSD), Samsung reigns supreme. But what about traditional platter drives? Learn about the most reliable hard

Want to play Minecraft on your own terms? Set up your own server, create your own worlds, perhaps build in them with friends and family? It’s remarkable, but true: you can do all of this on a Raspberry Pi. My son is a big fan of Minecraft, and is always wanting me to play along

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