Watching TV shows on your smartphone may not sound like a good idea, but more people are doing exactly that. Whether it’s YouTube videos or Netflix Originals, people seem happy to watch video content on their slightly-too-small smartphone screen. This has led Snapchat to commission original programming for its platform. And shows such as ESPN’s

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Anyone who has watched Netflix on their TV recently will be familiar with its preview videos. These give you an instant indication of what a movie or show is about, allowing you to make an informed decision as to whether to watch it in an instant. After introducing video previews to the TV interface in

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When I grew up, my mom was self-employed and had her own home office with a large desk in the basement. Meanwhile, my dad, who had a regular job, turned the broom closet into a tiny office for himself. The closet-office was the highlight of every house tour. While Dad eventually moved to a basement office, the

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Intel’s new and fastest line of processors, the new Core i9 series, has drawn significant attention. It puts the company ahead of its chief rival, AMD, in the speed wars and the core wars. But if you want a taste of the action, you need a new motherboard to go with it: the X299 chipset.

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If you aren’t reading fiction already, you should be! Reading fiction has several benefits, studies have shown, from relieving stress and sleeping better to lightening your mood and keeping your mind sharp as you age. Now, it’s advisable to target one brain-boosting habit each year. So for 2016, let’s make it about reading a little

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