Watching TV shows on your smartphone may not sound like a good idea, but more people are doing exactly that. Whether it’s YouTube videos or Netflix Originals, people seem happy to watch video content on their slightly-too-small smartphone screen. This has led Snapchat to commission original programming for its platform. And shows such as ESPN’s

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In 2016, Snap Inc. launched Spectacles. These Spectacles from Snap, formerly known as Snapchat, were sunglasses capable of shooting video. Snap hoped Spectacles would take off in a big way, but in the end the company only sold 150,000 pairs. However, undeterred, Snap Inc. has launched Spectacles 2.0. This new and improved version of Spectacles

Linux users rejoice! As Spotify is now much easier to install on most Linux distributions. This is because the Spotify desktop app is now available as a snap, which makes it really easy to install and use without the need to install any other software first. It seems Christmas has come early. Spotify has been

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