If you’re thinking about starting a podcast, you’re far from alone. We’re so deep into the “golden age of podcasting” that the phrase itself has already become cliche. Anyone can create a podcast, but you’ve got to have the right tools. Recording in a studio is the best option, but that might not be possible

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Microsoft tries to make programs and file formats backward compatible. It doesn’t always work. Sometimes the gap between operating systems is too far. Applications designed for Windows XP, Windows 98, and older are now starting to struggle. Many cease to function unless you find a specific Windows 10 fix for the older software. Even using

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Do you hate anything more than taxes? Maybe, it’s the money you have to pay to just file your taxes. There are plenty of options to file your federal return. However, finding services that will file state taxes without paying extra can be tough. If you’re tired of paying to file your taxes, stop here.

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The 10 Best Free Antivirus Software

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You’ve heard it a thousand times: you need antivirus protection. Macs need it. Windows PCs need it. Linux machines need it. Thankfully, you don’t need to spend any money to protect yourself. You can get some antivirus suites for free. Grab one of these 10 apps and start protecting your computer. A Note About Free

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Do you have an idea for a game that’s been brewing for years? What if you could bring that idea to life, even without any game development experience? These days, anyone can make a video game with the right software and a bit of know-how. Of course, that doesn’t mean game development is easy. Even

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Free software download sites can be dangerous. Visiting a bad site could end up with you smothered in fake download buttons and fake virus and malware warnings, which are usually malware in disguise. A good internet security suite can protect you against malware-loaded downloads, but it’s better to avoid such free download sites altogether. Stick

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