If you want to project (or “cast”) your computer screen to a TV, second monitor, or projector, an HDMI (or alternative) cable has been the go-to choice for the past decade. But times are changing. HDMI technology was designed in 2002. It quickly grew in popularity, with five million compliant devices sold in 2004, 17.4

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Amazon is introducing multi-room music streaming. This means you can now stream music to multiple Echo speakers positioned in different rooms of your house. This is great news for those who host raucous house parties, but bad news for your neighbors. And my neighbors too for that matter. The Amazon Echo can do lots of

If you have made the decision to cut the cord, there’s a good chance you have also decided to invest in a Roku Streaming Stick. With streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, personal media apps like Plex, and a vast catalog of private channels at your fingertips, a Roku Streaming Stick can provide almost all

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If you enjoy watching Disney movies on Netflix then you’d better make the most of it. Because Disney has announced it’s planning to launch its own streaming service in 2019. Which means it’s current distribution deal with Netflix is coming to an end. That Mickey sure is a tough customer. Disney and Netflix have forged

Why do CDs sound better than MP3s? Why are vinyl records still a thing? The answer to both of these questions is audio quality. Even though we now stream most of our music, we instinctively know it doesn’t sound as good as what we heard on our old CDs. Thankfully there are ways to make

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If you’re on a limited data plan, there are quite a few tricks you can use to keep your data usage under control. One of the common culprits that drains data is your music streaming app, but with a little trick, you can keep that to a minimum too. To make sure your music streaming app

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