Disney has finally unveiled Disney+, its long-awaited and much-anticipated streaming service. We now know when Disney+ will be launching, how much Disney+ will cost, and the names of the original movies and shows which will be exclusive to Disney+. Disney Drip-Feeds Us Information About Disney+ In August 2017, Disney announced it was launching its own

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We can all understand why TV channels like the BBC and Comedy Central are blocked when you’re abroad, but that doesn’t mean it’s not frustrating. Thankfully, it’s relatively easy to unblock streaming services. As an expat for more than a decade, unblocking streaming services has been an ongoing battle for me. I’ve tried various VPNs,

Epix, the premium TV network owned by MGM, has launched its own video streaming service. The service is called Epix Now, and it’s an extension of the main Epix offering available on U.S. cable. Which makes it perfect for cord-cutters. Everything You Need to Know About Epix Now Epix Now is a video streaming service

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LinkedIn is launching its own live streaming video service. Called LinkedIn Live, the service will be aimed at delivering the kind of content that aligns with LinkedIn’s userbase. Which means a focus on business, technology, and people who want to network. LinkedIn Live Will Let You Broadcast to the World According to TechCrunch, LinkedIn Live

IMDb has launched a free streaming service called Freedive. The streaming service will offer a range of Hollywood movies and highly rated TV shows, all completely for free. How? By breaking the content up with the occasional advertising break. Free, ad-supported streaming platforms are quite common. There’s Vudu Movies on Us, Tubi TV, and many

Spotify knows what music you like. Yes, even those guilty pleasures you only listen to when no one else is around. And as an early Christmas gift, the music streaming service has compiled everything it knows about your musical journey through 2018. Spotify Wrapped gives you a customized look at your streaming habits through 2018.