Snapchat has launched Lens Challenges, which are exactly what the name suggests. A special Snapchat Lens is used for a themed challenge, with everyone who submits a Snap vying for a chance to be featured in the app. If they’re good enough. TikTok Inspires Snapchat Snapchat has spent years watching its best features get copied

You know that staring at the screen for too long isn’t good for your health or your eyesight, but it’s easy to get sucked in. Use these apps to get a reminder to take a break from screen time, and take care of your health. Continuous screen usage can lead to severe eye strain, neck

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Now that you have picked the perfect camera lens to fit your needs, it is time to start caring for these precious photography accessories. Professional photographers know how important lenses are for getting that elusive, award-winning shot, but they also know that camera lenses can get dirty and/damaged while chasing the perfect photo. Using a

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Technology and advances in science are rapidly changing the field of medicine. But no matter what we can cure or alleviate, it’s only effective if you take your dosage on time. Instead of trying to remember every pill, use apps and services to remind you. Please make sure you see a doctor to get prescriptions.

YouTube is now one of the biggest timesucks on the internet. You’ll head to YouTube with the intention of watching one specific video, and three hours later you’ll have a viewing history filled with cute cats, daft dogs, and memorable memes. Having spent years tweaking the site to get you to watch more videos, YouTube

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You know how it goes: you’re browsing the web, or checking an email, when all of a sudden a message pops up. Your computer, and the data on it, is locked—encrypted by ransomware. Access is denied until you pay the ransom. Most people know the procedure with ransomware, which is why the criminal coders behind

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