Our verdict of the Flow:Despite some app issues, the Flow air quality is one of the most essential and vital devices you can buy today. 810 It’ll come as no surprise to you that every day we breathe polluted air. The air quality varies wildly by climate, country, and even street. Poor air quality can

Before smartphones were in the pockets of just about everyone, many people used Palm devices to keep on track of their to-do list, calculations, and other day-to-day tasks. With the rise of iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and all the other always-connected devices, Palm faded into obscurity. But now it’s back, at least in name. A new

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“Alexa, make some new products.” OK, maybe it didn’t happen quite like that. But Amazon, always full of surprises, recently debuted a new lineup of Alexa-compatible gadgets including refreshes of its Amazon Echo lineup (our comparison of Amazon Echo devices). From a new Echo Dot to Echo Auto and even an Alexa-enabled microwave, these are

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Google Maps for Android is more amazing than we give it credit for. Our phones have replaced expensive dedicated navigation devices thanks to Google Maps. We can find our way pretty much anywhere with ease. But as Google Maps has grown over the years, so have its features. Thus, there might be some tricks hiding

The news is more broken than ever before. It’s difficult to believe what you read from news sites, and you know you can’t trust social media. The onus is now on the reader to find the right places to read the most factual articles. For most of us, Google News remains one of the main

Calibre might not be the most polished app in the world, but it’s definitely the best software for managing your ebook collection. It ticks all the right boxes: it’s free, there aren’t any ads, and it boasts a vast number of powerful features. Sadly, many of those features fly under the radar, which is a