Google is constantly developing new apps, conducting experiments with AI, and making cool stuff. In case you missed their latest and greatest, here’s a quick rundown. Google is a technology giant that is a massive part of how we use the internet today. Its developers and engineers constantly update Google apps or create new ones

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Who knew that controlling the volume of YouTube videos could be such a complex topic? After all, what options do you really have beyond the on-screen slider? You’d be surprised, actually. It turns out there are multiple different ways to control YouTube video volume. Here are some of the best methods we’ve found. 1. Volume

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If your ISP has sent you a new router, or you simply fancy upgrading your current router, you’ll run into a problem. What should you do with the old router? In the case of switching your ISP, you’ll often be asked to return the older device. But if you have a spare router kicking around

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Smartphones and other assistive technology devices can be a huge help for many senior citizens. But a lot of the time, they need some help setting up their devices and using them efficiently. If your elderly loved one has opted for an iPhone instead of a basic phone, we’re here to help you get it

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Rotten Tomatoes is mainly known for its “Tomatometer” ratings for movies and TV shows, a percentage that shows how many approved critics gave a “positive review” of the title. For most of us, this is the only real reason why we visit the site at all. But there are several other features on Rotten Tomatoes

Notepad finally got some much-needed attention in Windows 10 1809. It’s been around since the first version of Windows and has always been a very basic text editor. Well, Notepad is still a basic editor, and the interface is pretty much the same. But Microsoft added new features, made performance improvements, and fixed some bugs