Smartwatches offer a convenient companion to your smartphone. But what if you want to use your smartwatch throughout the day without carrying your phone? Then you need a smart watch phone. While many smartwatches require a connection to your phone, you’ll find some standalone smartwatches that can operate independently thanks to cellular support. A watch

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It’s fairly easy to leave Windows behind. Just buy a Mac, take a couple of days to settle in, and never look back. But for Microsoft Office users, the need to buy Office for Mac again can be a hassle. If you work in a traditional office environment that runs on Excel and Word, you

Did you know that Chromebooks have a built-in terminal? Called Chrome OS Developer Shell—or Crosh for short—it lets you access a command line interface which you can use to debug your machine, run tests, or just poke around for fun. Today, we’re going to look at several terminal commands that all Chromebook users should know

Got hold of a Raspberry Pi but not entirely confident with Linux? While the main desktop is easy enough to use, at times you’ll need to rely on command line entry in the terminal. But if you’re new to the Raspbian operating system and Linux, this is easier said than done. If you’re using a

It’s almost time for the Consumer Electronics Show, which means we’re going to hear about all kinds of exciting new technology! Dell is getting out ahead of the big event with the announcement of its new commercial Latitude 7400 2-in-1 laptop. The device actually features a proximity sensor that’ll wake the computer up automatically when

Making the jump from Windows to Linux isn’t always a walk in the park for long-time Windows users. That isn’t the say the experience isn’t a great one. It’s just that there are certain things you take for granted in Windows that are quite different in Linux. Some major differences include the need to become