WhatsApp connects over a billion users around the world. They’re able to communicate through text messages or by using WhatsApp voice calling. And like any instant messenger, WhatsApp has a robust video calling feature as well. What to Know About WhatsApp Video Calls Video calling is exactly what it sounds like. You “call” a contact you

WhatsApp is finally adding support for stickers. While other social media platforms and messaging apps have supported stickers for a long time, WhatsApp has resisted the urge. But with competition amongst messaging apps fierce, WhatsApp has joined the party. Gone are the days when you would just message people using words. Now, you’re expected to

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Instead of archiving a WhatsApp chat, you decide to delete it. What’s the difference? Well, archived chats can be recovered very easily within WhatsApp; recovering deleted messages isn’t as easy. But be assured it is possible. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to get deleted WhatsApp messages back. And then teach you to set

WhatsApp is a fantastic instant messenger, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be better. Whether it’s hiding media from snooping eyes on WhatsApp Web or using two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone, a few apps and extensions can make anything possible. To use any of the extensions, you’ll need to be running Google Chrome

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Do you want to use WhatsApp, but don’t want people to know what you’re doing? By default, WhatsApp shares your activity with friends and the public in several ways. Privacy-conscious folks will likely have concerns about this. Thankfully, you can use WhatsApp almost completely in secret. So, try these useful tips to regain some of

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WhatsApp is taking the first step in trying to combat misinformation being spread via its platform. With over 1 billion people now using WhatsApp it has become the default option for spreading rumors to lots of people both quickly and efficiently. This Message Has Been Forwarded to You WhatsApp will now add a small “Forwarded”

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